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ROSE + REGGIE is a company built on strong morals and ethics.  Our morals and ethics are the reason we exist as a brand, so we can have a positive impact on the world around us. We are very aware that we are apart of a highly unsustainable and unethical industry, navigating this murky industry and the never ending supply chains, is hard work. Luckily we have committed to our own ethics and morals, every decision we make as a brand always falls back to these commitments. 
  • No off-shore production. Always made in Australia.
  • Maintaining a small and personal supply chain.
  • Buying from other Australian suppliers and businesses (fabric and trims, printing and packing etc)
  • Using recycled and biodegradable packaging, post bags, post cards and shipping boxes.
  • Paying our team and makers above Australian award wages
  • Creating our garments using natural fibres and fabrics. Saying no to synthetics fabrics.
  • Being transparent about our choices and impacts and educating our audience on the murky fashion industry.
We can tell you how ethical we are, but we also want to show you, by being transparent about our supply chain. Often fashion brands don’t want to show you their suppliers, ether scared to share trade secrets or they have something in their supply chain they want to hide. We aren’t scared to show you our suppliers. It’s a win/win. We are educating our customers on our choices and we could also be encouraging other brands to work with our reputable suppliers. Our end goal is to make a positive impact, this helps achieve that.


ROSE + REGGIE sources our linen from Potter Textiles in WA. Potter Textiles has been working in the industry for 25 years. They are also driven by sustainability and ethics. They work very closely with their mills. “ All of Potter Textiles linen’s meet the Oeko-Tex standard, they only use mills which are certified and checked yearly. Simon the owner of Potters has been in the business for 25 plus years and built up a solid relationship with the mills we work with and sourcing agents. They really pride ourselves on this as they know they can trust the mills they use for quality and standard.” (Sourced from Potter Textile website) We do not use any synthetic fabrics and use very limited cotton fabric. Most of our garments are made with high quality linen (100% sourced from above supplier)
We also source dead-stock fabric to use for limited stock and styles, to divert this fabric from landfill. We also patch work and recycle as much of our scrap material as possible. We even use the smallest pieces for our swing tags.

Buttons, Elastic, Zips and Trims

We source all our buttons, elastic, zips and trims from two Australian companies. Sullivans and M. Retch. Both of these companies are reputable and have been established for 30+ years. These companies audit their supply chains yearly and have very close working relationships with their suppliers.


ROSE + REGGIE sources their shipping boxes, packing tape, brand stickers and tissue paper from No Issue. No Issue is an Australian company, founded to provide makers, brands and businesses of all sizes access to custom, sustainable packaging. “ The noissue difference is characterized by our commitment to sustainability for all our products, our simple online design platform, and our low minimum order quantities.” (Sourced from No Issue website)
  • Our shipping boxes are made from recycled, un-dyed paper. These boxes are also reusable and recyclable.
  • Our tissue paper is made from recycled, biodegradable materials so that it’s 100% compostable, is acid-free, sulphur-free, and lignin-free paper certified by the Forest Steward Councilship (FSC). Can be composted at home or commercially. Also printed in soy-based inks to fully compost without generating waste or toxins.
  • Our brand stickers are eco-friendly because they’re made from acid-free, FSC-certified paper, so can be completely composted or recycled! Our compostable paper stickers are printed using soy-based inks
  • Our kraft paper packing tape is also printed with soy-based inks and made from recycled paper. Is also recyclable and compostable.
  • Our swing tags (the one hanging to your ROSE + REGGIE outfit), our business cards and our postcards are from Vista Print. We have chosen their recycled paper option for all our designs. This is definitely an area we can work on and would love to source a more sustainable and local printer for this stock.


All production/manufacturing is done locally, in Brisbane, Australia. Rose hire’s all our makers individually. These makers work from their own homes and have their own studio’s set up. These makers are also free to work for other brands and businesses are they run their own studios at home. We are able to confirm they all work in great working conditions. Rose meet’s with each maker on a regular basis and is able to inspect their working conditions. All these makers work from their own homes and set their own prices. They invoice us at the end of the job and we pay the invoices in full, no if's or butt’s. We absolutely respect the work these makers do, they are all very talented and deserve to be paid well. Their rates are above the Australian award wage for similar work. We currently are a small team of 5.
Feels strange to have to state this formally, but child labour is unfortunately common practise in the fashion industry. We can confidently say there is no child labour in our supply chain. There never will be.

We strive to enrich the lives around us and within our supply chain 



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