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Rose started ROSE + REGGIE in 2021 after being unsatisfied working for other brands and wanting to make a positive impact in the often murky fashion industry.

Key morals that drive our brand -Transparency of our supply chain and production, educating our customers, supporting our local makers and suppliers by being Australian Made and purchasing our supplies from reputable Australian businesses.

We are passionate about reigniting the Australian Made fashion scene, with natural fibres, bright colours and timeless designs.

Our goal is to make a positive impact in the fashion industry. But nobody said ethical fashion has to be boring. We love contrasting colours, bright fun, high quality sustainable fabrics. We love cute design details, like pink stitching or lime green spotty buttons. Who said you can't mix lime and lilac?


ROSE + REGGIE are essentially the same person. Rose (brand founder) was going to be called Reggie if she was born a boy. A lot of people ask if REGGIE is her partner or her dog, nope it is her if she was a boy. 


Rose Burke officially launched ROSE + REGGIE in 2021 (at local markets), after having day-dreamed about it for 5 years. Rose was living in Costa Rica in 2015 and was selling up-cycled, tie-dyed t-shirts for extra cash. After watching the documentary The True Cost (please everyone go watch), she was compelled to return home to Australia and start studying fashion design. She truely believes you can make a difference from the inside. After graduating in 2018, Rose gained experience in the fashion industry working for a variety of fashion brands. Small on-shore production and large off shore production. While this experience was great, it was also frustrating to not be able to fully control the supply chain and the brand decisions. This frustration cemented her drive to start her own label, to be able to have full control and to truely make a positive impact. 
And here we are today, launching our website in 2022. Thank you for supporting our dream, it takes a lot of hard work and drive to successful produce clothing in Australia and we are so so appreciative that you have chosen to support us.
Founder of ROSE + REGGIE - Rose Burke. Standing in her market stall.
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